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Kingston, KI


Human Resources


$1929301-$2315161 along with any other allowances attached to the post per month

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Business-Strategic Management: Business Analysis-Research, Business Unit Management, Franchise-Business Ownership, General-Other: Business-Strategic Management, Hospital-Clinic Administration, Hotel-Lodging Management, Managerial Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions

Job Description:

Under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Teaching Council the incumbent will perform the following duties:
  •       Management / Administrative
  • Prepares Corporate Services’ inputs for the Corporate Plan and the Budget to ensure that the Division’s objectives and targets are reflected.
  • Ensures that the Division meets operational and financial objectives and prepares related performance reports.
  • Prepares and monitors the annual budget for the Corporate Services Division
  • Establishes and maintains systems/programmes to foster a culture of service and teamwork within the Division.
  • Agrees and manages arrangements, including performance standards, for the delivery of shared services; takes remedial action as issues arise

  • Technical / Professional
    • Develops, reviews and revises human resources, office management and communication policies and procedures for the organization and ensures that they are equitably administered.
    • Manages the development and implementation of manpower plans to ensure that adequate skilled staff are available for the current and future needs of the JTC.
    • Co-ordinates and provides advice for the development of the Succession Plan.
    • Supervises the planning of training and development programmes for the JTC’s staff and ensures their effective and timely implementation
    • Oversees the process for recruitment and selection of new staff and participates in interview panels to recruit managerial staff.
    • Serves as a role model and promotes sound employee relations practices throughout the Organization.
    • Participates in staff disciplinary and grievance hearings and appeals in accordance with stipulated procedures.
    • Oversees the compensation system; liaises with the Financial Controller to ensure accurate and timely processing of the payroll.
    • Commissions periodic compensation surveys; reviews results and recommends adjustments to the compensation structure.
    • Approves changes to job specifications and descriptions and co-ordinates job evaluation exercises.
    • Manages the performance management system to ensure timely completion of the performance appraisal exercise and ensures effective follow up to correct performance deficiencies and capitalize on performance achievements.
    • Develops, promotes and spearheads the employee health and safety programme.
    • Ensures the efficient and effective capture, storage and protection of human resource management information.
    • Reviews reports and statistical information on human resource management activities and makes decisions to effect improvements.
    • Provides advice and guidance to managers and staff on human resource management and employee relations matters; represents the organization in negotiations with the Ministry of Labour.
    • Develops and periodically updates office management policies and procedures and oversees their implementation.
    • Oversees the procurement of goods and services for the JTC; ensures that procurement guidelines are adhered to; checks documentation for accuracy; authorizes procurement requests; ensures that suppliers/vendors comply with the terms of purchase/service    agreements.
    • Oversees and ensures the efficient provision of general office services including facilities and equipment maintenance, security, janitorial, transportation, recordkeeping and other services.
    • Ensures that appropriate communication systems are in place to facilitate the dissemination of accurate and timely information within the JTC and to the wider public service, the media and external stakeholders; ensures promotion of a positive image of the organization and  the teaching profession in all interactions
    • Ensures provision of leadership and guidance to all Divisions on communications and public relations matters to assure consistency in approach and message for all communication activities.
    • Oversees the management of the organization’s operational records and files including  their storage, retention, archiving and disposal.
    • Assesses, at intervals, the efficiency and effectiveness of the Corporate Services Division; develops, implements, and communicates process improvements.
    • Human Resources Management
    • Manages the work of subordinates through effective objective setting, delegation, communication and monitors their performance.
    • Provides guidance and support to staff through coaching, mentoring and training.
    • Undertakes various human resource functions including, but not limited, to hiring, promotions, transfers, and vacation scheduling.
    • Participates in the recruitment and selection of staff, and recommends movement when appropriate.
    • Recommends vacation leave and approves sick and departmental leave for staff in the Division/Section/Unit, and participates in the administration of staff benefits in keeping with established human resource policies.
    • Recommends/ administers disciplinary action in keeping with established human resource policies.
    • Conducts monthly and other ad hoc staff meetings as required.
    • Ensures staff adheres to the policies and procedures of the Ministry and the Division.
    • Ensures that staff is provided with adequate and appropriate physical resources to enable them to undertake their duties effectively and efficiently.
    • Collaborates with the Human Resource Manager in developing and implementing a succession planning programme to ensure continuity of skills and competencies in the Council, and personal development and career advancement of employees.
    • Fosters teamwork, a harmonious working environment and promotes collaborative working relations.
    • Conducts performance appraisals of staff  supervised for required purpose and at required intervals.
    • Ensures that staff is aware of and adhere to the policies, procedures and regulations of the  JTC.
    • Other
    • Performs other related functions assigned from time to time by the Chief Executive Officer.

Job Requirements:

  • Sound knowledge of Administrative and Human Resources Management principles, techniques and practices
  • Sound knowledge of Labour laws and labour relations practices
  • Sound knowledge of the Government of Jamaica’s procurement policies and procedures
  • Good knowledge of the Government’s compensation system
  • A good appreciation of the workings of government and the Jamaican Education System
  • Proficiency in the use of relevant computer applications, including word processing and spreadsheet programmes
  • Ability to prioritize amongst conflicting demands
  • Ability to quickly grasp facts and make rational decisions in a limited time
  • Ability to manage limited resources in order to achieve challenging targets
  • Sound analytical, negotiating and problem solving skills and judgment
  • Sound personal and professional integrity
  • Strong customer service orientation
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent leadership, management and human relations skills
  • Excellent coaching, counselling and interviewing skills
  • Strong planning and organizing skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Public Administration/Human Resources Management or equivalent qualifications
  • Five(5) years’ related working experience, two (2) of which should be at a managerial level
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Ministry of Education, Jamaica
National Heroes Circle
Kingston, KI, Jamaica

Phone: 876-922-1400-9
Web Site: www.moey.gov.jm

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