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$3,117,933-$3,741,250 along with any other allowance(s) attached to the post per month

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The Director, Teacher Development Division is responsible for ensuring that there is an adequate supply of highly trained, motivated and qualified educators for the Jamaican school system by leading the development and implementation of a comprehensive programme for the initial and on-going professional training and development of teachers. The officer also oversees the management of scholarships, loans and refunds for teachers and ensuring that graduates are bonded to serve the Public Education system
Under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, Jamaica Teaching Council, the incumbent will perform the following duties:
Management / Administrative
  • Participates in the development of the strategic and corporate plans of the JTC; prepares the operational plan and budget for the Division.
  • Manages the work and staff of the Teacher Development  Division to ensure its effective  functioning by:-
  1. developing objectives, targets and work programmes
  2. directing and guiding staff, as well as monitoring the execution of their work
  3. preparing the section’s budget and approving and controlling expenditure
  • Represents the JTC at local and international conferences and other fora as required.
  • Prepares and submits monthly performance reports on the Division and other specialized  reports as requested.
Technical / Professional
  • Develops training and development goals, objectives and targets for teachers and other educators in collaboration with Chief Officers in the Division and relevant stakeholders.
  • Reviews training needs information and manpower estimates for teachers, education managers and education supervisors; ascertains priorities and ensures that they are reflected in training goals, objectives and targets.
  • Oversees the preparation of the National Teacher Development Plan and monitors its Implementation.
  • Liaises with conveners of Quality Education Circles (QECs) to ascertain that staff  development plans are based on needs assessment.
  • Analyses the performance of the Teaching Profession in the context of students’ performance.
  • Designs Professional Performance programmes suitable for the on-going professional development of teachers.
  • Analyses national examination outcomes, reports of the National Education Inspectorate (NEI) and all other relevant reports to determine weaknesses in the teaching profession;  devises/recommends measures to address weaknesses.
  • Ensures the implementation of training related policy decisions; recommends new or revised policies as deemed necessary.
  • Establishes and implements procedures for developing, monitoring and evaluating  professional development sessions.
  • Collaborates with the Standards unit and relevant stakeholders to develop competencies  and standards for the initial and in-service training of teachers and principals.
  • Reviews all training and development programmes periodically, to ensure that training programmes are relevant, current and meet the required standards.
  • Forges effective working relationships with the Regional Education Agencies (REA), Teachers’ Associations, teacher training institutions, Universities as well as other education providers, both public and private, concerning the supply of teachers.
  • Liaises with Regional Education Agencies regarding supply and distribution issues.
  • Oversees the development and management of a database on the availability, training output, demand and distribution of teachers.
  • Identifies and addresses irregularities in the assignment of teachers.
  • Facilitates schemes and processes to identify and reward/recognise effective teachers.
  • Plans and develops special projects with international funding agencies to achieve sustained and effective collaboration on professional development programmes.
  • Keeps abreast of developments and trends in teacher training and development and  determines how they may be applied in the Division.
  • Ensures the maintenance of an up-to-date list of expertise in teaching and Teacher Education.
  • Tracks and evaluates the use of teacher resource centres; devises and implements strategies to improve or maximize the utilization of centres.
  • Provides technical support to the REA’s as necessary.
  • Ensures the effective management of educational loans, scholarships, refunds and bonding programmes.
  • Reviews and approves or issues contracts for goods and services required by the Division and ensures that contractual terms and conditions are observed.
Human Resource Management
  • Participates in the recruitment of staff for the Division, and recommends promotions, transfers, terminations and leave benefits in accordance with the prevailing human resource policies and procedures.
  • Monitors and evaluates the performance of supervisees and recommends/initiates  corrective action where necessary to improve performance and attain the Council’s goals.
  • Provides leadership and guidance to supervisees through effective communication, training and coaching.
  • Ensures that the welfare and developmental needs of the division’s staff are clearly  identified and addressed.
  • Promotes a culture of teamwork.
  • Conducts monthly staff meetings.

Job Requirements:

  • Post Graduate Degree in Education
  • Training in Management
  • Minimum of five (5) years’ related experience, two (2) of which should be at the managerial level
  • Demonstrated experience in teacher education and professional development
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Ministry of Education, Jamaica
National Heroes Circle
Kingston, KI, Jamaica

Phone: 876-922-1400-9
Web Site: www.moey.gov.jm

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