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The Test Development Officer is responsible for developing national tests and related assessment instruments in support of and in accordance with the objectives of the Student Assessment Unit, including analysis of curriculum content; developing testing plans, tables of specifications and scoring criteria; supervising the development of items including writing, editing and piloting; ensuring the security of tests and assessment instruments; and the maintenance of the computerized Item Bank.

  •  Develops tests or other assessment instruments according to the     objectives of the Unit, by:
            - analyzing the curriculum content and objectives;
            - developing testing plans and tables of specifications;
            - supervising the development of items including writing, editing and piloting;
            - reviewing and editing test items
            - reviewing item statistics, or results of empirical studies and constructing the test forms.
  •  Develops scoring criteria including, item dictionary with the key or scoring rubric for marking students’ answer documents; and reviews the analysis of a sample of answers to confirm or adjust the scoring criteria.
  •  Liaises with the Data Processing and Analysis Sub-Units to establish data processing and file preparation protocols that are in keeping with the precepts under which the tests are developed, and to ensure accurate processing of answer documents.
  •  Supervises and ensures that a computerized item bank is maintained and updated for the subject and grade tested, for easy storage and retrieval of items, and the preparation of test papers. 
  •  Instructs Item Bank clerical workers in the use of the item bank protocols.
  •  Assists in the design, development and execution of empirical studies on various issues relating to quality of the tests and performance criteria of the tests.
  •  Prepares instructions for administering the tests and prepares other materials to enhance the administration, scoring and reporting of test results.
  •  Ensures the security of tests and other assessment instruments during the test development phase.
  •  Monitors and supervises the marking of subjective test papers in order to ensure that results are reliable.
  •  Collaborates with Officers in other Sub-Units, regions or schools to provide feedback on performance on tests in the subject area.
  •  Performs other related duties assigned.
  •  Liaises with school personnel and other professionals regarding:
               - item writing workshops; curriculum auditing and review; marking of test papers; conducting workshops to provide feedback and analysis of tests administered, assist teachers in the use of assessment strategies and to update/inform teachers and other educators about current developments in assessment in education
               - feedback and analysis of tests administered;
  •  Represents the organization at meetings, conferences and other functions as directed.
  •  Provides guidance/advice to the Senior Education Officer on test administration matters.

Job Requirements:

  •  Excellent presentation, verbal and written communication skills
  •  Good analytical, problem solving and organizational skills
  •  Team oriented
  •  Ability to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and confidentiality
  •  Good knowledge of testing, measurement in education, research methods and/or statistics.
  •  Knowledge of marking procedures for subjective papers.
  •  Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and other relevant computer applications

  •  Bachelors’ Degree in Education or its equivalent in relevant subject areas
  •  Courses in Testing, Measurement/Assessment, Research Methodology and or Statistics.
  •  Trained teacher
  •  Five (5) years’ teaching experience
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Ministry of Education, Jamaica
National Heroes Circle
Kingston, KI, Jamaica

Phone: 876-922-1400-9
Web Site: www.moey.gov.jm

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