Education Officer (GMG/EO 2) -Braille Operations


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Kingston, KI




$2,737,433-$3,253,948 per annum along with any other allowances attached to the post

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Full time




Education: Classroom Teaching level3, Continuing-Adult, Corporate Development and Training, Customer Training, Early Childhood Care & Development, Elementary School, Fitness & Sports Training-Instruction, General-Other: Training-Instruction

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Under the general supervision of the Assistant Chief Education Officer - Special Education, the incumbent is responsible for converting examination and curriculum support material and other print materials to Braille; and for providing other services to facilitate the teaching and learning of the blind. 


Technical/Professional Responsibilities

• Participates in the production of national examinations and curriculum support materials in Braille and Large Print e.g. Grade Six Achievement Test, Grade 4 Literacy & Numeracy test, Grade 3 Diagnostic Test, Text Books, Children’s Own etc.

• Participates in the reproduction of community support materials and Special Education Unit/Ministry of Education  specific documents in Braille;

• Collaborates with the Student Assessment Unit to ensure timely receipt of national examinations papers and transcription of  Braille responses to regular print;

• Collaborates with the Principal of the School for the Blind to determine the Braille and Large Print needs of the institution;

• Evaluates educational programmes for students with special needs, and evaluates teaching practice to ensure that the students’ needs are being met and that programme delivery is appropriate;

• Ensures that in the reproduction of text materials compliance with copyright regulations are adhered to by  requesting  permission from owners of materials before reproduction is undertaken;

• Provides support to blind or partially sighted students placed in the regular high schools, by helping them to build coping mechanisms:

• Works with  teachers to effectively deliver the curriculum to satisfy the unique learning needs of students with vision challenges; 

• Works with National Literacy Programme groups, suggesting strategies to bring out the best in students with exceptionalities;

• Conducts workshops and seminars to train examination support personnel to serve in national examinations

• Conducts and collaborates with colleagues’ research into current trends in teaching students with special needs;

• Provides technical advice to national boards, select committees , agencies and  inter sectorial groups on matters related to visual impairments and other exceptionalities;

• Conducts staff development workshops for in-service/pre-service  teachers, teachers’ aides and student support personnel

• Interviews and counsels parents on a range of special needs matters; organizes  training to help parents understand the impact of visual impairment on all areas of their child’s life

• Reviews tactile designs produced by Operations Technician

• Participates in the translation of Braille examination scripts to print.


• Performs such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time.


Job Requirements:

• Knowledge of level 2 Braille
• Knowledge of technology integration in the primary and Secondary School Curricula
• Knowledge of Health and Family Life Curriculum
• Ability to assist in training of teachers to deliver the Health and Family Life and other Curricula
• Ability to develop and deliver workshops and seminars to stakeholders
• Have excellent communication, social and collaborative skills
• Have the capacity to motivate persons with special needs
• Knowledge of the Education Act and Regulations
• Knowledge of the Child Care and Protection Act and Regulations
• Knowledge of the Ministry of Education’s policies, rules and regulations
• Knowledge of the Access to Information Act and Regulations
• Be a strategic thinker with a high level of professionalism
• Excellent communication, social and collaborative skills
• Excellent administrative and supervisory skills


• A first degree in Education with emphasis in Special Education
• An advanced Degree in Special Education or other related field
• A diploma in Special Education
• At least five (5) years’ teaching experience in Special Education

• At least three (3) years’ experience at a supervisory level


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Ministry of Education, Jamaica
National Heroes Circle
Kingston, KI, Jamaica

Phone: 876-922-1400-9
Web Site: www.moey.gov.jm

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